Private Dentistry Awards at Meadow Walk Dental Practice

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We are celebrating Dr. Balaji’s success in completing a Masters Programme in bone re-generation procedures – well done.

Dr Balaji has placed over 1500 dental implants and over the past year he now has another string to his bow in bone re-generation – What does that mean to you and me….

Dr Balaji’s has successfully completed a Masters Programme in bone re-generation procedures at the Urban Generation Institute in Budapest. This procedure has opened so many doors to patients who previously have been unable to have dental implants due to the lack of bone to stabilise and secure dental implants. Bone regeneration (growing new bone) is a safe and predictable procedure which patients are thrilled to be in a position to benefit from. Dental implants rather than dentures and bridges give you back your confidence to eat the foods given up due to difficulty chewing as well as boosting their well being. If you have been told in the past you aren’t suitable for implants then may be it is time to arrange a free consultation and learn the options available to join our list of happy patients.


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