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Specialist Dentistry

White Fillings

For an unblemished smile

When we repair teeth affected by decay, we don’t use fillings that contain mercury – an often controversial metal used in traditional amalgam fillings. Instead, they are made from composite resin, which matches your natural teeth and provides an unnoticeable repair.

This hard-wearing material bonds with the tooth to support the remaining structure and prevent further damage.

The advantages

  • Better looking than unsightly metal fillings
  • Durable
  • Less of the tooth structure needs removing prior to placement

Root Canal

To preserve precious teeth.

Root canal treatment can remove infected pulp from inside the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading and possibly leading to tooth loss.

Once we have removed the affected pulp with tiny instruments, we seal the tooth so its function is restored and it is protected from further problems.

The advantages

  • Can help save a tooth
  • Prevents the infection affecting other areas
  • Can relieve pain
  • Less expensive than having a replacement tooth

Oral Surgery

Dr Balaji offers a full range of surgical procedures. This allows us to treat you in familiar surroundings, without the inconvenience of a hospital visit.

We can help with the following:

  • Extractions for painful teeth, including wisdom teeth
  • Biopsies
  • Dental implant and bone grafts

If you feel nervous about having dental treatment we can offer sedation to help make your experience much more relaxing.

Gum Shields

Perfectly fitting protection

If you enjoy taking part in boisterous contact sports, you can keep your teeth safe while you play with our custom-made gum shields. These are protective, pliable covers that fit snugly over your teeth to keep them cushioned from blows.

The advantages

  • Fit perfectly
  • Can protect the teeth, jaw, neck and brain from injury
  • Help to avoid expensive, time-consuming treatment

Oral Health Review

For happy, healthy teeth

It is part of our ethos to focus firmly on preventive care to stop dental problems from occurring or getting any worse. One of the chief ways we do this is by seeing you regularly for routine oral health examinations. These essential appointments allow us to keep a close eye on your mouth, regularly checking for any issues such as signs of decay, enamel erosion, gum disease and oral cancer.

New patients

If you are a new patient, your appointment may take a little longer as your dentist will take some extra time thoroughly examining your teeth, gums and soft tissues, and they may perform x-rays. You will also need to complete a medical history form and routine paperwork. Following your initial appointment, we will let you know how often you will need to make visits to the dentist and hygienist.

You also have the option of choosing a no obligation FREE consultation which will allow you to meet the dentist and ask any questions before you join us.

The advantages

  • Can help you avoid the need for more costly, involved treatment.
  • Provides an opportunity for you to let us know if you are having any problems.
  • We can offer advice on how to improve your oral hygiene routine.
  • We can identify what type of treatment will help if you are having problems.

Dental Care for Children

Healthy little mouths – for FREE!

Your children are always welcome at our family-friendly practice.  Examinations are FREE for 0 yrs to their 4th Birthday (for parents and guardians who are regular attenders to the practice).  There is also a Childrens Monthly Plan to spread the cost of examinations to their 18th Birthday. We love helping youngsters maintain healthy, cavity-free mouths and teaching them how to look after their teeth.

We can provide fluoride treatment and fissure sealants for newly emerged, permanent teeth to help make them more resistant to decay. We can also check for any problems that may need treatment or referral to an orthodontist, if your child is sporty, we can provide custom-made gum shields too (please ask for further information and fees).

The advantages

  • Helps prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Encourages children to develop a relaxed attitude to visiting the dentist.
  • Can help your child pick up tooth-friendly diet tips and learn lifelong teeth cleaning skills.


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